Committee Meetings

Our Committee meetings normally take place on a bi-monthly basis, with our Annual General Meeting taking place in May each year when each officer stands down. They faces election along with anyone else who would like to take office on to the committee. We try to encourage existing members not to stand for to long and new members to take up the reins.

Future Committee Meetings will be held on;

  • Wednesday 15th March at 8pm
  • Wednesday 17th May at 8pm (Annual General Meeting)
  • Wednesday 19th July at 8pm
  • Wednesday 20th September at 8pm
  • Wednesday 15th November at 8pm at The Chapslee, Barnston
  • 2018 dates will be posted in due course

At our meetings we welcome hall users and residents to come along to the meetings.
Any items you would like added to the agenda for discussion should be emailed to the Secretary by email: no later than 10 days prior to meeting for inclusion. Only items on the agenda will be discussed at the meeting.

The agenda shown below is a standard format agenda and is shown as a sample to give you an understanding of the format of our committee meetings.

Barnston Village Hall Management Committee
9th January 2015 : Barnston Village Hall at 8pm

Meeting Agenda

1, Committee Members, User Members & Members of Public Present

2, Any Apologies received

3, Chairman’s / Vice Chairman’s Report

4, Treasurer’s Report and details of Accounts

5, Booking Clerks Report

6, Caretaker’s & Cleaners Report and matters needing attention

7, Secretary’s Report including any correspondence

8, Fundraising events

9, Any other business raised by members present (as advised in advance)

Date of next meeting and meeting closed