Hall Operation

So how does the Village Hall operate?

To answer your question, the village hall operates as a registered Charity therefore, we receive no regular government or council funding. Relying on the funds for hiring the hall to pay bills and keep it running.

As we are a charity we have a Management Committee who run the hall and are responsible for the decisions that are made. A new Committee is voted in at the hall’s annual general meeting each year in May. The committee is made up of volunteers who live within the Barnston area or attend groups who regularly use the hall. They give up their time to keep the hall running and try to improve it for future users.

The Village hall only employs one member of staff (the Caretaker/ Cleaner) who is paid to oversee the day to day running of the hall carrying out cleaning and  general repairs from wear and tear. He/she ensures that Health and Safety, Licensing, COSHH and Fire regulations are being met to avoid any problems for hirers, liaising through the Secretary, Chairman, Vice Chairman or Treasurer as required. As he/she is being paid he/she is not allowed to vote on hall matters but can attend the Management Committee meetings where he/she can air any issues and keep up to date with hall matters.

New Committee Members
We are always looking for new people from the local area to help with fundraising events, join the committee or in a financial way by donating money or equipment that would be useful to the hall and its users. This will also help improve your job aspects and C.V. by giving you much needed experience.

If you can spare about 1 to 2 hours a month to lend us a hand and have any of the following skills that may be useful we would like to hear from you. Without your support and assistance the village hall may get to the stage where it needs to close and we are determined not to let that happen. So please support us.

Skills that are useful to us include but are not limited to;

  • Accounting Knowledge
  • Charity Law
  • Knowledge on Funding Applications
  • Planning and Building
  • Health & Safety / Fire Safety
  • Community Engagement

Donations and Fund-raising
If you are unable to assist us by joining the Committee we always welcome donations or maybe you would like to leave the hall a legacy in your will. If you can help in this way please phone us on 07834 751044 or email the Secretary.